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007 The World Is Not Enough (Apted, Michael.)
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007 The World Is Not Enough
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DVD 004961
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    - Danger Suspense Excitement There must be when he's around
    - When British oil tycoon and M's friend Sir Robert King is killed in a bombing at the MI6 headquarters, it becomes James Bond's new assignment to protect his daughter and heir Elektra from further harm. Renard, a man who can't feel physical pain due to a bullet in his head, seems to play an important role in the sabotage of the ongoing construction of the new King pipeline, which can give oil to all the world for the future. The three competing pipelines all end up in Istanbul, whereas the King pipeline is being laid elsewhere, and therefore is an easy goal to anonymous attackers. James Bond involuntarily teams up with emancipated Dr. Christmas Jones, and they soon find out that there is more threat to the situation than just some pipeline sabotage.
    - When oil tycoon Sir Robert King is assassinated in a bombing at M:I-6 headquarters, after recovering $3 million British pounds from a Swiss Bank in Bilbao, Spain. Seductive British secret agent James Bond 007 is injured in the line of duty trying to pursue the assassin who killed herself by blowing herself up in a hot air-balloon. Fearing Sir Robert's beautiful daughter and heiress Elektra King's life is in danger, M assigns 007 to protect her as Elektra has inherited her father's legacy and has taken over the business, and is constructing a new oil pipeline. Bond learns a evil terrorist known as Renard, who has a bullet in his head cutting off his senses so he can't smell, touch and feel no pain, was responsible for the assassination of Sir Robert. With help of nuclear scientist Dr. Christmas Jones and former enemy, Ex KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky, Bond sets out to foil Renard's plan as he plots to wipe out Europe with a nuclear bomb. Is the World not enough for James Bond 007 as he not only tries to stop Renard, but also begins to question Elektra's motives.
    - ARRAY(0x2e19e7c)
    - After British oil tycoon Sir Robert King is killed in a bombing at the MI6 headquarters, his daughter, Elektra, inherits his fortune which includes billions of dollars worth of oil deposits in the Caspian Sea...and James Bond as a bodyguard. Her new wealth attracts international interest. But she has also attracted the attention of her father's killer. His name is Renard. A bullet lodged in his brain has rendered him unable to feel physical pain, and he has but only one reason left to live - revenge. There's only one man who can take the heat between a beautiful heiress, a malicious sociopath and his final diabolical plan. For the world's most famous secret agent, when the stakes are high and the danger hits too close to home, it is not just professional; its personal!
    - The 19th installment follows MI-6 Commander James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to a swiss bank in Bilbao, Spain where upon retrival of three million pounds (britsh dollars)a siege takes place. James barely escapes the local police, leaving them questioning the mysterious shooting that occured minutes ago. The next day, at the MI-6 Headquarters in London, Bond first greet Miss Moneypenny (Samatha Bond)and gives her a nice soveneir: a cigar. Q (Judi Dench) then calls him in first to meet Sir Robert King then to report on the mission. It was then that the three million pounds was in fact, a bomb which destroys the Headquarters and kills King. Bond's only suspect, who happens to be the woman from the swiss bank blows herself up form a hot-air balloon. He then meets Sir King's daugther, Electra (Sophie Marceau) who now own her father's oil company. But Bond's real mission has a new ememy named Renard (Robert Carlyle)a man who feels no pain whatsoever after a bullet was put into his head, who along with Electra and their henchmen plan to nuke Europe and everything in it's path. Now with the help of Christmas Jones (Denise Richards), a research scientist, James must foil the terrorists plan before the entire Easternmost countries are wiped out forever. The world is not enough for disasters. And the world is not enough for terrorists. The world is only enough for one man- one hero: James Bond 007!
    - Language(s): English, Polish, Hungarian, Czech
    - Subtitle(s): English, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Turkish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Romanian
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