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007 Die Another Day (Lee, Tamahori.)
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007 Die Another Day
Lee, Tamahori. Search Author in Amazon Books

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DVD 004974
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Detailed notes
    - The story begins in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea with a spectacular high-speed hovercraft chase and continues via Hong Kong to Cuba and London where Bond meets up with the two ladies who are to play such important and differing roles in his quest to unmask a traitor and to prevent a war of catastrophic consequence. Hot on the trail of the principle villains, Bond travels to Iceland where he experiences at first hand the power of an amazing new weapon before a dramatic confrontation with his main adversary back in Korea where it all started...
    - After being incarcerated and tortured while on a mission in North Korea, Bond is traded for a psychotic terrorist and released back to M16, only to be accused of giving information. Bond escapes and goes after Zao, a deranged terrorist who knows who betrayed Bond to the North Koreans. Bond chases Zao around the globe and to a shady billionaire and a plot to change the world. But bond soon discovers that no one is who they seem to be...
    - James Bond is assigned to a rendezvous with a North Korean army officer, Colonel Moon, in his investigation of a North Korean terrorist, Zhao, but the mission is betrayed and despite a spectacular escape attempt, Bond is captured and subjected to vicious North Korean torture, before being released in an exchange of prisoners. MI6 work him back to health but James is relieved of all duties because he is blamed for leaking information leading to several agents' deaths while in custody. Determined to clear his name and avenge himself on Zhao, James escapes and extracts information from a known Chinese intelligence officer on Zhao, leading to Cuba and a meeting with a mysterious diver known only as Jinx, and eventually to a meeting with mysterious British billionaire Gustav Graves, who has perfected a spaceborne mirror designed to beam solar light and heat anywhere in the world for peaceful purposes. But James uncovers mysterious genetic conversion equipment and also finds the solar mirror is in reality a laser cannon that can destroy almost anything in its path on Earth. James now must rescue Jinx (who is conducting her own, identical, investigation of Graves) and learn the truth about Graves' laser cannon, leading to a violent showdown as the weapon is fired onto Earth and begins slicing open a gigantic line of destruction.
    - When seductive British secret agent James Bond 007 is sent to North Korea to infiltrate renegade military officer Colonel Moon, the mission is sabotaged but Colonel Moon is killed and his second-in-command Zao is injured, but Bond is captured and is tortured and interrogated. 14 months later, Bond is released and traded for Zao, and Bond's boss M, rescinds his 007 status. 007 sets out to get his revenge on those who set him up. Where he tracks down Zao in Cuba and finds him in a genetic operation to give him a new identity. Bond finds diamonds on Zao which leads him to British billionaire Gustav Graves, who has set-up Icarus, a orbit satellite which will provide light and energy to the Earth. With help from sexy American secret agent Jinx and Grave's publicist, undercover M:I-6 agent Miranda Frost, Bond sets out to stop Graves who is working with Zao and plans on using Icarus as a weapon and unleash destruction.
    - Language : English
    - Subtitle : Portuguese
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