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Roger Waters Ca Ira Disc 1 (Roger Waters)
Bibliographical information (record 164511)
Roger Waters Ca Ira Disc 1
Roger Waters Search Author in Amazon Books

B000B2YQFM Book Cover Image
MCD 000622
Detailed notes
    - Roger Waters has long been known for his musical ambition. The bassist and leader of Pink Floyd made that band famous in the 1970s and 1980s with concept-heavy albums as well as a certain self-aggrandizing image--attributes he maintained in his solo career. No wonder, then, to see that he's written what he calls as an opera. But don't be fooled: Waters's work has little to do with contemporary operas by the likes of John Adams or John Corigliano--even if the latter's 1991
    - 1. The Gathering Storm 2. Overture 3. A Garden In Vienna 1765 4. 'Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine...' 5. Kings, Sticks And Birds 6. 'Honest Bird, Simple Bird...' 7. 'I Want To Be King...' 8. 'Let Us Break All The Shields...' 9. The Grievences Of People 10. France In Disarray 11. 'To Laugh Is To Know How To Live...' 12. 'Slavers, Landlords, Bigots At Your Door...' 13. The Fall Of The Bastille 14. 'To Freeze In The Dead Of Night...' 15. 'So To The Streets In The Pouring Rain...' 16. Dances And Marches 17. 'Now Hear Ye!...' 18. 'Flushed With Wine...' 19. The Letter 20. 'My Dear Cousin Bourbon Of Spain...' 21. 'The Ship Of State Is All At Sea...' 22. Silver, Sugar And Indigo 23. 'To The Windward Isles...' 24. The Papal Edict 25. 'In Paris There's A Rumble Under The Ground...'
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