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Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 9 (Chaning, Mark.)
Bibliographical information (record 198926)
Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 9
Chaning, Mark. Search Author in Amazon Books

Audio Books
9780955286100 Book Cover Image
01 Jun 2006
DVD 005600
Detailed notes
    - DVD:9 NON FICTIONS BOOKS: 1.Abolishing of christianity in England (by Jonathan Swift)2.Art of War (by Sun Tzu)3.Attaining the Worlds Beyond (by Rav Michael Laitman)4.Book of Lord Shang (by Shang Yang)5.Card Games 29 PIQUET (by B H Wood)6.Card Games 30 GLEWSTONE DONKEY (by B H wood)7.Card Games 31 POUNCE (by B H Wood)8.Card Games 32 BLACK MARIA (by B H Wood)9.Card Games 33 FAN TAN (by B H Wood)10.Card Games 34 CANASTA (by B H Wood)11.Card Games Up To Date (by Charles Roberts)12.Communist Manifesto ( by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels)13.declaration of Independence (by Thomas Jefferson)14.Domestic Blunders of Women (by A Mere Man)15.Koran (by Allah)16.Life of Buddha (by L Adams Beck)17.Mohammed The Great Arabian (by Meredith Townsend)18.Manners for Men (by Mrs.Humphry)19.Mein Kampf book 1 (by Adolf Hitler)20.Modest Proposal (by Jonathan Swift)21.Natural History of Stuck-Up People (by Albert Smith)22.On War Book 1 (by Carl Von Clausewitz)23.On War Book 2 (by Carl von Clausewitz)24.On War Book 3 (by Carl von Clausewitz)25.ON War Book 4 (by Carl von Clausewitz)26.POKER Cheating Methods and Sleight-of –hands (by Theo Hardison)27.POKER Its Laws and Principles (by Algernon Crofton)28.POKER Joys,Rules,Lore and Pitfalls (by George F Worts)29.Real Pirates (by Captain Charles Johnson)stories.30.Tao Te Ching (by Lao Tzu)31.Wandering Jew (by S Baring-Gould)32.Zaratustra (by F.Nietzsche)
    - POETRY: 1.Ave Imperatix (by Oscar Wilde) 2.Ballad of Reading Gaol (by Oscar Wilde) 3.Bishop Brougham’s Apology (by Robert Browning) 4.Bishop Orders His Tomb (by Robert Browning) 5.Charge of the Light Brigade (by Lord Tennyson) 6.Dole of the King’s Daughter (by Oscar Wilde) 7.Edgar Poe-Raven (by Edgar Poe) 8.Elegy on the Death of Mad Dog (by Oliver Goldsmith) 9.Etiquette (by Sir W S Gilbert) 10.Fighting Temeraire (by Sir Henry Newbold) 11.Gentle Alice brown (by Sir W S Gilbert) 12.Goblin Market (by Christina Rosetti) 13.Green Eye of the Little Yellow God (by J Milton Hayes) 14.Heather Ale (by Robert Louis Stevenson) 15.Kiplings Poems- If (by Rudyard Kipling) 16. Kiplings Poems-Mandallay (by Rudyard Kipling) 17. Kiplings Poems-Norman and Saxon (by Rudyard Kipling) 18. Kiplings Poems-The Ballad of East and West (by Rudyard Kipling) 19. Kiplings Poems- The Gipsy Trail (by Rudyard Kipling) 20. Kiplings Poems- The Mary Gloster (by Rudyard Kipling) 21. Kiplings Poems- The White Man’s Burden (by Rudyard Kipling) 22.Lady of Shalott (by Lord Tennyson) 23.Rape Of Lucretia (by William Shakespeare) 24.Rape Of The Lock (by Alexander Pope) 25.Rime Of the Ancient Mariner Parody (by Anonymous Author) 26.Rime of the Mariner (by Smuel Taylor Coleridge) 27.Sphinx (by Oscar Wilde) 28.Venus and Adonis (by William Shakespeare) 29.Wreck of the Hesperus (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) 30.Yarn of The Nancy Bell (by Sir W S Gilbert)
    - EROTIC BOOKS: 1.Fanny Hill (by John Cleland)2.Kama Sutra (by Vatsyayana)3.Night in a Moorish Harem (by anonymous author)4.Perfumed Garden (by Sheikh Nefzaoui)
    - Language : English
    - Subtitles : No Subtitle
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