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Blue Guitars : A Collection of Songs Disc 1 (Rea, Chris.)
Bibliographical information (record 206423)
Blue Guitars : A Collection of Songs Disc 1
Rea, Chris. Search Author in Amazon Books

Pinnacle UK
3937406328 Book Cover Image
MCD 002818
Detailed notes
    - Having created the cover of Stony Road and interpreted the cover of The Blue Juke Box the close relationship between Chris Rea's music and his painting was defined. This relationship was clearly leading in one direction, a ground-breaking idea to link the two driving forces in his life. The idea of Blue Guitars was born. Eleven albums from Chris Rea in one book pack, 130 brand new Chris Rea songs inspired by the blues ranging globally across all his own interpretations of this musical form, songs that Chris believes are some of his best to date. He now had a body of work that would in normal circumstances have taken a decade to create; songs that conjured up all his favourite musical influences that had set him off down the road nearly thirty years previously. Instead of releasing all the albums in one go, or over a period of six months or a year, he decided to create something that combines his paintings with his music. Not out of some egocentric notion that his paintings and music would be appreciated in the same way, but simply that they are now inextricably linked
    - 01 Where The Blues Come From., 02 Too Much Drinking., 03 Only A Fool Plays By The Rules., 04 The Soul Of My Fathers Shadow., 05 Lone Star Booggie., 06 She's A Whole Heap Of Trouble., 07 If I Ever Get Over You., 08 Come Change My World., 09 Lucky day., 10 Screw You And Your Deep Blue sea., 11 Clarkson Blues., ,
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