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The King (Marsh, James.)
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The King
Marsh, James. Search Author in Amazon Books

Velocity / Thinkfilm
B000H0M4AW Book Cover Image
DVD 005776
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    - Compelling in style and rich in character detail, "The King" is sometimes a poor mans "American Beauty". It centers on Elvis, a young man recently discharged from the Navy. Elvis starts making his way back into the world and its quickly determined he's pretty much all-alone in doing so. He buys an old car, shacks up in a budget motel, and then makes his journey for what he is looking for.He quickly finds that, as he is looking for his biological father that he has never met. What he does not bank on is the fact the man is married, has a family, and is an evalengical type minister who of course, strayed back in his day. Stoic in stature is this man, played by William Hurt. He quickly lets Elvis know that he wants nothing to do with him. There is only one problem: Elvis has already started flirting with the mans daughter (yes, that would make them "half" brother and sis...stay with me here) who is unaware of what Elvis and her fathers conversation entailed the day Elvis came to town. Elvis gets a job as a pizza deliveryman and continues to strive to win the heart of the girl, whose name is Malerie. Things start to escalate when Malerie's brother confronts Elvis and demands he stop seeing his sister. The film has a gritty cinematic appeal as it shows you a long established social landscape based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hot days and roads that stretch on forever dot the horizon while in the foreground you have the irony of the beloved preacher whose message of the lord starts sounding shaky as his past unravels. Don't think for a second that last sentence is what this movie is about though, various themes of family, trust, and betrayal are all woven in nicely. The character of Elvis (played by Gael Garcia Bernal) is sinister in simplicity as his quiet, seemingly polite demeanor slowly gives way to a much darker side, which continues to a brutal climax involving him and Malerie's brother.Follow Elvis as he goes from Sailor to Seducer. Pell James does an excellent portrayal of Malerie, who is not your typical angst-ridden and rebellious "preachers daughter" but a soft spoken and sweet girl who, although naive, tries to gain strength throughout the film to deal with the situations that confront her. The film does not quite have the action that the trailers purport, but overall its never predictable and we recognize a lot of the humanity and irony that the actors bring to life in this story.
    - Language(s): Turkish, English
    - Subtitle(s): Turkish
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