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Martian Child (Menno Meyjes)
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Martian Child
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New Line Cinema
B00005JPT0 Book Cover Image
DVD 006358
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    - After decades of playing single men in romantic comedies from the classic SAY ANYTHING to the critical favorite HIGH FIDELITY the year 2007 marks a change for John Cusack. With roles as fathers in 1408 GRACE IS GONE and MARTIAN CHILD the beloved actor grows up and deserves some of the highest praise of his career. In MARTIAN CHILD David Gordon (Cusack) is a successful science fiction author plagued by both the death of his wife and writer s block. When a group home worker (Sophie Okonedo) tries to pair him with a young boy named Dennis (Bobby Coleman) David initially resists. But once David spends time with Dennis he realizes how special the boy is. The outsider (and sci-fi fan) in David thinks he might just understand Dennis best since the child believes that he s from Mars and he ll return there soon. David and Dennis struggle to create the most unconventional of families as Dennis strives to learn more about being human.MARTIAN CHILD is a moving drama that works because of the genuine performances of everyone involved but it rides on both the experienced shoulders of Cusack and those of his young costar Coleman. Both excel at communicating their characters isolation and eventual connection but it s Coleman s work in his first major role that is such a pleasant surprise. Supporting turns from Cusack s sister Joan (who plays his sister in the film) and Amanda Peet add emotional depth to the sweet story. MARTIAN CHILD is based on the autobiographical novel by David Gerrold who is most famous for writing the STAR TREK fan favorite "The Trouble with Tribbles.
    - Languages: English, Turkish
    - Subtitles: English, Turkish
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