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Turkey and Greece: Friends or Enemies (İlksoy, Aslım.)
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Turkey and Greece: Friends or Enemies
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Detailed notes
    - In the political life and also in the academic circles the Greco-Turkish relations are generally perceived as problematic. However, as this study shows this is not completely true. Some primary sources show that Greco-Turkish relations have seen ups and downs. Publicly or secretly, time to time these two countries have developed friendly relations, even as a surprise to the international circles. The aim of this paper is to examine the background and the reasons of the changes in the relations between Turkey and Greece. After the formation the Republic of Turkey the countries had strained relations for a short period. However, from the end of 1920s to 1950s Turkey and Greece successfully formed good relations. It was the Cyprus problem (then also Aegean) that poisoned their relations. Even when Cyprus became a major problem and effected their relations negatively, Turkey and Greece were able to maintain “moderate” relations. As the primary sources show, even during the armed conflicts the countries were able to continue the dialogue. During the Cold War the United States endeavored to develop warmer relations between Greece and Turkey. This was of vital importance for the southeastern flank of NATO and for Greece and Turkey in the struggle against the Soviet Union. The geography has bound them to live as neighbors, and preferably friendly. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (SU) instability in the region hindered the two countries to design their future policies effectively. However, during last decade, Greece and Turkey have overcome difficulties by putting core problems aside and by focusing on low politics to develop better relations.
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