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The Position of Grivas in US’ Cyprus Policy (İlksoy, Aslım.)
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The Position of Grivas in US’ Cyprus Policy
İlksoy, Aslım. Search Author in Amazon Books

NEU Social Sciences,
Detailed notes
    - The United States (US) is generally known as the supporter of rightist and anti-communist elements in the world. However, in the case of General Georgios Grivas, the American documents tell that this argument is not completely true. Grivas was a hero during the civil war in Greece and his anti-communist stance was seen positively in the US. In 1960’s, the U.S. perceived a communist threat in Cyprus and the Americans supported Grivas presence in the island. For the Americans, Grivas was also a balancer in controlling President Makarios and a trustful person that could restrain Greek Cypriots from military ventures that would exacerbate the situation through a Greece-Turkey war. However, as the communists were unable to gain significant power and when Greece and Turkey began negotiations, led this argument to lose ground. Until 1970 ideology dominated American foreign policy. During that period Grivas was valuable for the Americans. However, when détente began in the world, the US strongly supported the relaxation of relations between the parties and sought a compromised agreement through negotiations in Cyprus. Also, when the US turned to warm relations with President Makarios, the balancing role of Grivas in Cyprus politics was finished and the Americans did not support him anymore.
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