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Deciding which technology is the best for distance education: Issues in media/technology comparisons studies (Yengin, Ilker.)
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Deciding which technology is the best for distance education: Issues in media/technology comparisons studies
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Detailed notes
    - Distance education decision makers; who will be shaping the future of distance education; should understand the role of different technologies and their unique attributes closely. In order to achieve this task accurately, they also need to know the superiorities of different technologies to each other. Media comparison studies have been conducted to see these superiorities and to help deciding "which technology is better?" In some studies researchers make some fundamental errors and flaws in media comparison studies for distance learning. Hence, there is a need to determine these issues in order to make decision process work better. In this review study, issues on media comparison studies in distance education discussed with theoretical backgrounds. Also in this study, reader could find what kind of flaws can occur in media comparisons studies and what cause to these flaws as well as some suggestions to avoid these flaws. In this study, five of the most significant errors scholars have made in writing and discussing distance education research in technology/media comparisons studies are determined. This study aims to help distance education policy makers, distance education researchers and instructors by making them aware of these issues in comparison studies. Hence, they could make a more accurate decision when implementing distance learning solutions in their institutions. (C) 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of the Guest Editor.
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