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Shampoo (Ashby, Hal.)
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Columbia Pictures Corporation
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DVD 001764
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    - Robert Towne
    - Shampoo is set in a 24-hour period in 1968, on the eve of the presidential election which would result in Nixon's ascension to the American presidency. George Roundy (Warren Beatty) is a successful hairdresser, whose charisma has provided him the perfect platform from which to meet, and bed, beautiful women, including his current girlfriend Jill (Goldie Hawn). Despite this, George is dissatisfied with his professional life; he feels that his current position, in which he plays second fiddle to a mediocre hairdresser, is beneath him, and dreams of setting up his own hairdressing business. Lacking the cash to do so, George turns to his wealthy mistress, Felicia (Lee Grant), and her unsuspecting husband, Lester (Jack Warden). In a further twist, George learns, upon meeting with Lester at his office, that Lester, too, has a mistress - Jackie (Julie Christie) - with whom George has previously enjoyed a sexual relationship. The tangled sexual politics come to a head when Lester invites George to an election night party, at which George finds himself in the same room as a number of present and former sexual partners, including his current girlfriend, current mistress, ex-girlfriend, and various other previous conquests. The night quickly descends into drugs, alcohol and sexual indulgence. In the film's dramatic climax, Lester and Jill catch George and Jackie in the throes of very active sexual intercourse on a kitchen floor. While Lester sees that sexual intercourse is taking place, Lester speaks the memorable line "Now, THAT'S what I call fucking!" Immediately afterwards, a refrigerator door comes open, with the light from the refrigerator revealing to Lester's astonishment that Jackie is the woman George is having sex with. At that point, George realises that Jackie is his true love, and proposes to her. By then, however, it is too late; Jackie announces that Lester is divorcing Felicia and taking Jackie to Acapulco. The film thus pairs sexual revelation with George's deeper moral development, but ends bleakly for the protagonist, despite his epiphany.
    - Language(s): English, French
    - Subtitle(s): English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Finish, Hindi, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portogouese, Turkish
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