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Truth or Consequences (Chesnut, Bill.)
Bibliographical information (record 95986)
Truth or Consequences
Chesnut, Bill. Search Author in Amazon Books

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
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DVD 001822
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Detailed notes
    - Milt Larsen
    - Ray and Addy are two working class lovers who dream of a better life together after he is released from prison. When Raymond is released, he turns to drug dealer Eddie Grillo who promised him a job in return for doing time for him. Ray is disgruntled by his poor wages and his lack of a future. Desperate to make his dream with Addy come true, Ray reluctantly agrees to hook up with two friends for one last deal. The plan goes awry and an undercover cop is killed so the four grab the drugs and hit the road. Ray decides to sell the drugs to gangster pal Tony Vago in Las Vegas. Along the way, they ditch their car and hijack two ultra conservative yupppies along with their RV. When things go wrong in Las Vegas, the gang finds themselves running from the local law, the DEA, the mob, and a hitman known only as "Sir." What starts out as a simple plan with a happy ending turns into a fight for the lives of six people who are thrown together in the pusuit of happiness.
    - Languages: English, French
    - Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Turkish
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