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To be able to reach the NEU Grand Library Electronic Resources, you will need to send an email to and request for an username and password.


Regulations of the Library

*       The non-members can use the library, excluding the audio and visual room, on condition that they can not take any material out of the library. All of the users are responsible for reading the below-mentioned rules and following them throughly.

*       All Library materials must be properly charged out. Materials that belong to the library might not be scratched or damaged.

Obeying these rules are mandatory and every user is respected as they accept all of these rules.

*       Items in the library are issued out after a process. The user is personally responsible for their prompt and safe return and s/he is subject to fines and replacement penalties for damaged or lost items. If the user allows someone else to use the material borrowed, the librarian will not be responsible for any damage or so forth.

*       The Library charges fines for overdue items to secure their prompt return and renewal. If a user fails to return library materials, s/he will be charged the current market value of the item, a replacement fee, plus any fine incurred. In order not to be objected to such fines, the loan period of the borrowed items needs to be extended.

*       A replacement charge plus a processing fee is assessed for any item that is more than two weeks overdue (three days for recall) or returned in damaged condition. If any reserve material is returned late, a fine will be charged for each hour or fraction thereof.

*       The users must obey the Library hours. In a case of emergency, the library personnel or the security will ask the users to evacuate the building immediately.

5 TL

per item, per day

5 TL

per reserve book, per hour or any fraction thereof

If s/he loses the material s/he is required to pay 1/10 of her minimum wage.

*       Due dates are stamped inside the items. Misreading the due dates will not forgive the fine. An automatic stop is placed when an item becomes overdue, prohibiting further borrowing until the book is returned and the fine is paid.

*       Users may also use their own ID card in order to pay fines at the Circulation Desk. If users do have any fines in their accounts, the Library will lock the account automatically.

*       Users should take care of library material and should immediately notify the librarian if they lose a borrowed item. Books found damaged also should be reported to the librarian without any delay. Administrative measures may be taken against those who deface the materials.

*       Cellular phones must be turned off before entering the Library.

*       Silence must be observed at all times.

*       Users should leave materials that they have used on the tables for the librarian to reshelf.

*       No user may enter the Library before opening time, and all users must leave the Library by closing time. If asked to do so by a staff member, in the case of an emergency or on hearing the fire alarm, all users must leace the Library immediately.

*       Users should be prepared to present their bags for inspection when leaving.

*       The Library cannot accept responsibility for user’s personal belongings. Money and valuables should not be left unattended.

*       Smoking and the consumption of food and beverages are strictly forbidden in all public areas of the Library, with the following exception:


Circulation Services

Policies on circulation are meant to assist users in using library materials in ways most conducive to user's study or research. Materials that are frequently consulted or heavily used- like encyclopaedias, dictionaries and reserve materials- may not be taken outside the Library. Materials may be checked out on the First Floor Circulation Desk. They may be renewed online, by sending sms, or they must be returned at the Circulation Desk on the First Floor. Reserve materials may be checked out through Reserve Desk and used within the Library.

Borrowing privileges

Borrowing policies are designed to ensure prompt and equitable access to library materials. The length of borrowing periods and specific loan regulations vary.

NEU Faculty, including Adjunct

Full time faculty members 15 books, part time faculty members 5 books and cd-roms/videos/audiotapes/dvds for the use of lectures are given for 60 days, 2 renewals

Online and SMS renewal permitted before due date or during the grace period, if the account is in good standing.

NEU Administrative Personnel

3 books, 7 days, 2 renewal

Online and SMS renewal permitted before due date or during the grace period, if the account is in good standing


NEU Students (Ph.D., Graduate, and Undergraduate) and Graduate Assistants to NEU Faculty

Under graduate 3 books, 7 days (fictions 14 days), 2 renewal;

Assistant 5 books, 30 days, 2 renewal;

1 reserve material, 4 hours, no renewal;

Online renewal permitted before due date or during the grace period, if the account is in good standing.

External Members (Public)

2 books, 7 days(fictions 14 days), 2 renewal

Online renewal permitted before due date or during the grace period, if the account is in good standing

E-mail Notifications

E-mail notices are sent to the users in order to warn them about their borrowed materials before the materials are due. Both notices are also sent for recalled materials to avoid overdue. User receives overdue notices for 3 days following the due-date. User may also return or renew the material during this grace period without having any fine. Otherwise, the system includes the fine for these three days, if the item is not renewed or returned to the Library during the grace period. It is your responsibility to remember or check the return dates of the borrowed items. The Library itself is not responsible to inform you with the return dates at all the time.

Reserve / Recall

All users are eligible to place a reserve on materials currently checked out by other users except DVDs. The user who places the hold will be getting an e-mail notification when the current user brings the material back. User may checkout the requested material from the circulation desk on the Basement Floor. The current user of the material cannot renew the requested material.

The Library may recall any material for the reserve purpose. The user must return a recalled material within 72 hours. Otherwise, s/he has to pay 5 TL fine for each day.

Fines and fees

The fine for over due material is 5 TL per day. If the user does not return or renew the material during the grace period (3 days long), s/he will also be charged for this period.

If a user loses the material, s/he must inform the Library via email to immediately or by coming to the Circulation Desk located at the entrance of the library.

Any damage done to a material will be charged with 30 TL.

If s/he loses the material s/he is required to pay 1/10 of her minimum wage.


You may come to library for renewing your books. Or you may renew your books online through Members Site


Reference Services

The Library staff supports research, teaching and other activities of NEU by providing effective services and making relevant and accurate information available in all formats as fast and efficiently as possible.

Reserve Desk

Reserve materials are textbooks, AV materials, and electronic documents asked to be circulated for class use by Faculty. Reserve materials are available at the Reserve Desk for 4-hours use without renewal, and/or electronically on the web.

Bibliographic Services

The Library compiles subject guides for use in courses, based on the course syllabus, as well as tailored bibliographies for users' research projects.

Subject Guides: Reference Librarians have been designated as liaison librarians for each subject. Subject guides includes description of databases, reference sources such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, journals and useful links.

Special Bibliographic Research Service for Faculty: The Library also assists faculty members in doing bibliographic search on their research fields. Responsible librarians search given topic/s within the Library's resources, other universities' libraries if ILL established, the Internet, and provide the bibliographic information. Upon request, found materials/articles can be obtained through document delivery and article request services for faculty.

To benefit from this service, the topic needs to be explained in details and limited reasonably. The time to complete work changes according to content of the topic/s. Faculty and Reference Librarians work in co-operation during the search period and librarian informs faculty about its progress.

Faculty members may contact the responsible Reference Librarians by phoning or e-mailing them:


Document Delivery Services

The Library provides Article Request Service for its users.

Article Request Service: The purpose of this service is to obtain articles that are not available in the Library. The Library obtains copies of articles by working in co-operation with other libraries and institutions. It is usually a library-to-library transaction including both academic libraries and information centres and the British Library Document Supply Centre.

All NEU faculty, administrative staff, graduate students and undergraduate students can benefit from this service, which is free of charge.

Faculty and staff can submit 10 articles while students are only permitted to request 2 articles at a time. Requested articles, provided in print can be photocopied and will be sent to the users. If the requested articles are online they will be sent to requesters via e-mail.

Users can submit their requests by filling and submitting the form of request article.

*       Whenever you utilize this system, the system will automatically send an e-mail to the responsible librarian to alert her/his about your request.

*       When request was completed, you will get another e-mail that informs you whether it has been received or not.

*       Articles may be obtained approximately in two weeks.

*       For students, received articles are kept on the Atrium Reference Desk; for faculty and staff, received articles are sent to their offices.

Inter Library Loan (ILL): The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials that are not available locally. Interlibrary loan is usually a library-to-library transaction including both research and university libraries. Interlibrary borrowing and lending are made possible through cooperative agreements in which participating libraries permit the use of their collections. NEU Library intends to provide this service if proper arrangements can be made.

All NEU faculty and staff will benefit from the ILL services. Students and external members, however, will not be entitled to request books from other libraries.

Online Searching

Online Catalogue Searching: All materials acquired since 1988 are listed in the Library's online catalogue. Terminals for searching this catalogue are available in all reading rooms and at the Library Information Centre.

Through the online catalogue users can send the bibliographic information of items to their email accounts by using the Book Basket facility.

Please note that all workstations in the Library may only be used for their designated purposes.

Online Database & Electronic Journal Searching: The Library will subscribe to numerous online databases as well as to some individual e-journals. Access is restricted to the NEU community. Please note that if you want to use print option of any database, there is no printing facility within the Library.

Users can make search by selecting databases or e-journals listed both by name and subject. To see the database that you know its name, click on by database name, if you want to see databases under any subject, click on by subject.

Online databases and electronic journals may allow downloading, printing or/and e-mailing the articles according to their own circumstances. The databases are available only to University students, faculty, and staff.

Reserve Services


The aim of the Library's Reserve Services is to enhance the educational process by enabling faculty to place library and personally owned materials on restricted loan to students for limited periods of time.

The Library Reserve system will provide access to course materials (sample exams, syllabi, problem sets, reading packages, lecture notes, textbook, etc.) written or selected by faculty as required instructional materials. This guarantees that the material is available in the Library for students to use, as and when the assignments are given to the class.

To assure timely processing of reserve material before the semester starts, you must submit your requests at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of your class. If the Library does not own the desired materials, they will be ordered as expeditiously as possible. It must be kept in mind that it ordinarily takes several months to order books from foreign vendors. Otherwise, the Library has to place a “rush order” that costs rather substantial surcharges.

You may place your own personal copies of books, videos, etc., on reserve. Local call number and barcode stickers will be placed on all personal copies on course reserve. The Library does not take responsibility for repairing or replacing damaged or lost personal copies placed on course reserve. Personal copies will be returned to the faculty member at the end of the semester, unless other arrangements have been requested to retain the material on course reserve.

E-reserves which allow us to place scanned copies of copyrighted materials on reserve. We are also able to provide links from the secure environment of our networks to materials selected from our site licensed databases. E-reserve services enable students to access their course materials 24x7 on/off-campus. The Library encourages you to use this service. Freely available articles through Internet can also be put on e-reserve collection without obtaining copyright clearance and can be accessible outside of the University.

Materials that can be placed on electronic reserve collection without obtaining copyright permission include the following:

o        Instructor's course notes, sample tests, instructor's exercises/problem sets or other materials instructors have prepared (as a copyright holder)

o        Student papers (with the permission of the student as an author)

o        Government publications

o        one chapter from a book

o        one article from a journal issue

o        a chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper

Materials for which need the copyright clearance before placing on e-reserve collection:

o        An entire book whether in-print or out of print

o        Required textbooks

o        An entire course pack

o        More than one chapter from the same book

o        More than one article from the same issue of a periodical

In addition to the scanned copies which is Library’s priority, photocopies of the copyrighted materials which do not exceed the limits of fair use can also be kept in a spiral bound at the Reserve Desk. In any case, you must state complete bibliographic information on first page of each document in your course pack by means of copyright statements. When the material needs copyright clearance, please inform the responsible librarian to contact with publisher.

All reserve materials can be borrowed and used in the Library for 4 hours. Fine for overdue reserve material is 5 TL per material/hour.


Copyright Statements:

As an educational institution, NE University Library's reserve activities fall within the fair use provision:

Although TRNC does not have a modern copyright Act, university follows the rules of EU and US in this matter.



A/V Room

Members can benefit the room from 08:00 - 20:00. Each member allowed to watch/listen a material per day. Copying, exchanging materials is not allowed. Due to heavy cataloging of A/V materials, opening hours may differ.

Periodicals Room

The users may find all current print journals, daily newspapers, and general reference collection in this Room.

The current issues are checked out for overnight by faculty or staff. Their old issues are bound and placed on the shelves according to their subject areas.

All newspapers are used in this room.

Users can access wireless network in this room.

Photocopy Service

Machines are available for self-service photocopying in the Library. They must be used in accordance with the provisions of copyright laws.

For conservation reasons, photocopies cannot be taken from rare materials, damaged or fragile books, or very large or heavy volumes.

Team/Self Study Rooms

4 Team Study and 8 Self Study Rooms are available in the Library. All of them are on the First Floor. Team Study Rooms are equipped with a computer ready for internet usage. All Rooms can be reserved for 3 hours by students. User must leave his/her ID card to the librarian at the Reference Desk to get a key for the Room. The group is responsible for keeping room tidy and clean.

Library Opening Hours

Library will be open Weekdays : 08:00 - 20:00

Saturday : 08:00 - 20:00

Circulation Desks: 08:00 - 20:00 (Monday to Saturday)

Reserve Services: 08:00 - 20:00 (Monday to Saturday)


AV/DVD rooms: 08:00 – 20:00 (Monday to Saturday)


Group / Self study rooms: 08:00 - 19:45 (Monday to Saturday)

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