Room/Hall Timetables

Near East University

Room/Hall Timetables

2019-2020 Fall Semester

To make a request for a hall/classroom for a class, conference, seminar or any other activity, please first check the available spaces on the timetable.


Please click here to download the room timetables.
Once you locate an available space on the timetable, please make your request by sending an e-mail to . Please remember to include the title of your activity (or course code), classroom/hall number you are requesting, the day/date and the time of the planned activity in your e-mail.
Requests are checked on a daily basis and once your request is processed, you will be contacted for confirmation. The timetables are also updated daily on our website. To see the changes, please remember to refresh your browser and then download the Microsoft Excel file using the link above.



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